Saturday, June 30, 2012

Six Principles of Srivaishnavam

  • Sriman Narayana is the supreme self; unparalled and unsurpassed - Ahameva Param Tatvam.
  • The lord has all the insentient and sentient as his body, and He is the soul of everything - Darsanam Bhedam Eve Cha.
  • The way to get salvation is surrendering to the feet of the Lord - Upayeshu Prapatisyaat.
  • There is no need to adopt contemplation on the Lord during our final breath - Anthima Smruthi Varjanam.
  • After the soul departs from the material body, it gets salvation if he/she adopted the means of surrender (saranagathi) - Dehaavasaane Mukthisyaat.
  • One should approach a fully qualified Vaishnava acharya and get enlightened - (Poorna)achaaryam Samaasraya.
Lord of Kanchi (Sri Varadaraja Perumal) told these six statements to Sri Ramanuja through Sri Thirukachi Nambi (Kanchi Poorna).

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